Bugatti 10.0 Electric Scooter


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Product Details


Black Bugatti Vehicle with a Bugatti electric scooter in front with all illumination features activated


  • 22 MPH Speed & 1000W Max Brushless Motor Power, Rear Drive
  • Black Magnesium Alloy Frame, Featuring Leather Like Grips, Dual-Turn Signals & Dual-Braking
  • 10" Pneumatic Self-Repairing, Tubeless Tire with Hidden Rear Shock Absorption
  • Night Ride Safety, with Illuminated Deck-Base Lights, Side Bar Nightlights & Signature “EB” Monogram Projection Logo
  • Touch Screen-LED, with 4 Digits Pass Code Unlock (Optional Use)

Dashboard screen with passcode feature


Touchscreen DIsplay + Passcode Protection

Passcode protection function for an electric scooter is a security feature that allows the owner to set a passcode to lock and unlock the scooter. This function prevents unauthorized access to the scooter and ensures that only the owner can use it. When the passcode protection is enabled, the user needs to enter the correct passcode to unlock the scooter. Once unlocked, the user can ride the scooter, and when finished, they can lock it again by entering the passcode. This feature is essential in preventing theft and keeping the scooter safe.


Image of the BUgatti electric scooter front tire describing the weight capacity, top speed and motor wattage


Velocity and Powerful Motor

The Bugatti 10"MAX Electric Scooter has an impressive weight capacity of 286lbs, top speeds of up to 22mph, and a powerful 1000 watt motor, i


Image of the dashboard features showing the three speed modes, Eco, compact and sport modes

Speed modes

The Bugatti 10"MAX Electric Scooter you have has 3 different speed modes. The Eco mode allows you to travel up to 15mph, while Comfort mode lets you reach up to 18mph. If you want to go faster, you can switch to Sport mode, which can take you up to 22mph


Custom Bugatti EB logo charger with charging battery indicator lights

Custom Charger

The Bugatti 10" Max Electric Scooter comes with a unique charger adapter cable that features the iconic BUGATTI EB logo. It's a stylish and functional addition to our already impressive scooter.


Grip caps with dual turn signals

Ergonomic Grips + Turn Signal End Caps

These features are designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip while using the electric scooter, as well as to increase safety by making it easier to signal left or right with the turn signal end caps.


Custom Bugatti EB logo hologram projection

Custom Rear EB Hologram Projection

The Bugatti logo projection light is a unique and exciting feature. The Bugatti logo projection light is designed to project the iconic Bugatti EB logo onto the ground when the scooter is in powered on.

Unique and eye-catching: The Bugatti logo projection light is a unique and eye-catching feature that adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the electric scooter. It is sure to impress anyone who sees it in action.


Bugatti Electric Scooter custom EB logo power button

Custom EB Power Button

The Bugatti 10"MAX electric scooter features a custom Bugatti EB logo power button. This unique feature not only adds a touch of luxury but also makes starting your scooter a stylish affair. You can now experience the thrill of driving a high-end sports car every time you turn on your electric scooter. But that's not all, electric scooters are also eco-friendly and convenient, making them a perfect choice for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint and take their riding experience to the next level.

Three quarter angle of the unfolded Bugatti electric scooter in Black.

Folding Bugatti Electric Scooter


Side view of the unfolded Bugatti electric scooter in Black.


Side view of Black electric scooter unfolded

Specifications & Icon Features

Image of all specifications



Bugatti 10.0 Electric Scooter

Regular price $1,529.40