PawHut Pet Playpen Small Animal Cage Transparent Customizable Fence with Door for Hamster, Guinea Pigs, Chinchilla, 14 x 18 in


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  • - Reconfigurable and Expandable: Accommodating versatility, this c&c cage has a size-customizable cage set-up. Reshape the structure to build a play area for oddly-shaped spaces and places that might not be perfectly rectangular. Expand the animal pen outward in any direction the room allows. By adding more and more panels, you can provide infinite space for the animals, or you can separate the pieces to offer double cages. The structure breaks down quickly when you want to change it.
  • - Lightweight: The portable design is easy to carry, quick to fold, and easy to store. Each panel comes apart, allowing a small load to take with you. A simple tote bag can carry the elements that make up this small animal playpen. Each individual panel is lightweight, allowing easy pack-up.
  • - Clear Visibility and Accessories: The fully clear walls let you see in with more visibility than the traditional play pen for animals. The wire doors can be placed on bottom or on top, providing a clear ceiling. With the wire up above, hammocks and other cage accessories can hang.
  • - Versatile and Multi-Animal Use: A large and portable cage that can be anything from a long tube for an obstacle course to an oddly shaped blob, the design of this re-formable shapeshifter can accommodate rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and more, offering a versatile set-up for varying needs, allowing space to walk, hop, etc.
  • - Large Cage Information: Overall Dimensions (Recommended Shape): 55" L x 27.5" W x 17.75" H. Includes: 12 Large Panels, 8 Small Panels, 8 Wire Doors, 32 Standard Connectors, 13 Non-Slip Pads, Several Plastic Cable Ties, and 1 Wooden Mallet. Assembly Required.
Brand PawHut
SKU D51-257
Package QTY 1

Assembly Instructions

Weights & dimensions
Dimension Drawing Image
Overall Dimension 55"L x 27.5"W x 18"H
Door Size 13.75"L x 13.75"W
Panel Size 17.5"L x 13.75"W;13.75"L x 13.75"W
Net Weight 14lbs
Material Metal, PP
Number of Tiers 1
Ramp Included No
Number of Doors 8
Door Lock Yes
Wheels Included No
Openable Top Yes
Weather Resistant No
Pull-out Tray No
Rot Resistant Yes
Feeder Included No
Tunnel Included No
Product Details


Your pets are your family, and we understand that they deserve nothing but the best. We're always pushing for higher quality on our pet furniture, accessories, and living essentials to make sure that you feel as connected to your furry family as possible. Dogs, cats, birds, small animals, rabbits, and chickens all are taken care of under PawHut's roof. Show the appreciation they deserve with PawHut.

This c&c cage for guinea pigs from PawHut adapts to any oddly shaped empty space, configuring in multiple ways with connectable pieces, growing outward in any direction. Hang a hammock from the wire, or flip it upside down for a clear top. Break down the clear cage so it's a stack of panels that fit in a backpack, and take it anywhere, or store the pieces in a small place with spatial minimalism. Provide room for your lovely pets to have fun in the expandable interior of this guinea pig playpen.


  • - Reforms into odd shapes, growing the size outward even when a rectangular cage couldn't fit
  • - Lightweight and portable panels disconnect and fit in small storage or bags
  • - Transparent to see in and let you keep track of animals
  • - Hang accessories from wire doors on top or flip for clear side
  • - Expand with a double purchase or split into two
  • - Comes with 12 large clear panels, 8 small clear panels, 8 wire doors, 32 standard connectors, 13 non-slip pads, several plastic cable ties, and a wooden mallet to help you assemble the cage
  • - Not recommended for hamsters or gerbils
  • - Assembly required


  • - Color: Jet Black, Clear
  • - Material: Steel, PP
  • - Overall Dimensions: (Recommended Shape): 55" L x 27.5" W x 17.75" H
  • - Single Large Resin Panels Dimensions: 17.5" L x 13.5" W
  • - Single Small Resin Panels Dimensions: 13.5" L x 13.5" W
  • - Single Dense Net Inverted Door Dimensions: 13.5" L x 13.5" W
  • - Single Opening Inner Flap Dimensions: 8.75" W x 9" H
  • - Wire Spacing: 0.5"
  • - Item Label: D51-257
  • -12 x Large Resin Panels
  • - 8 x Small Resin Panels
  • - 8 x Dense Net Inverted Door
  • - 32 x Normal Buckles
  • - 13 x Non-Slip Pads
  • - 1 x Wooden Hammer
  • - 1 x Several Cable Ties
  • - 1 x Instruction Manual

PawHut Pet Playpen Small Animal Cage Transparent Customizable Fence with Door for Hamster, Guinea Pigs, Chinchilla, 14 x 18 in

Regular price $63.24