PawHut 2-Tier Foldable Metal Small Animal Playpen Pet Fence with Reshaping Customizable Design, Large Guinea Pig Cage, Bunny Rabbit Cage, and Chinchilla Cage, C&C Cage and Metal Playpen with Mats


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  • - Reshapes to the Room: Accommodating versatility of room sizes, this small animal habitat and playpen has adaptability to any spot of your home. Use the separating panels to build a play area in oddly-shaped areas, or build it around a piece of furniture. Let the pen turn a corner to make an L shape or have a blob design to work around blockage.
  • - Two-Tier Floor-Space Saver: This pet playpen can be set up with a two-tier design featuring a ramp for fun and exercise, saving space in smaller homes. Open up your living area with more room while still offering places for animals to climb and play.
  • - Lightweight and Portable: The separating panels are lightweight and portable for bringing your animal to new places, taking them to friends' houses, and bringing them with you wherever you go. Non-slip mats and cable ties enhance stability and security.
  • - Expandable Design: Expand the animal pen outward in any direction the room it's in allows. By adding more and more panels, you can provide infinite space, or you can separate the pieces to provide double cages. The structure breaks down easily when you want to change it.
  • - Small Pet Foldable Playpen Information: Overall Dimensions (Recommended Two-Tier Shape): 41.25" L x 41.25" W x 27.5" H. Overall Dimensions (Rectangular Shape): 6' L x 8' W. Panel Dimensions: 13.75" L x 13.75" W. Accessories Included: 24 Wire Panels, 2 Side-Open Door Panels, 5 Resin Panels, a Ramp Panel, 36 Normal Buckles, and 2 Door Buckles. Plastic Cable Ties and Wooden Mallet Included for Instant Set-Up. Assembly Required. NOTE: Please make sure chinchillas do not chew plastic.
Brand PawHut
SKU D51-255
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Your pets are your family, and we understand that they deserve nothing but the best. We're always pushing for higher quality on our pet furniture, accessories, and living essentials to make sure that you feel as connected to your furry family as possible. Dogs, cats, birds, small animals, rabbits, and chickens all are taken care of under PawHut's roof. Show the appreciation they deserve with PawHut.

This c&c cage for guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rabbits adapts to any oddly shaped empty space, or wraps around blockage in the room, configuring in all the numerous ways you can think of, allowing animal parents to adapt the design however they need. Two tiers can save floor space, while reconfigurability allows a 6 ft. x 8 ft. design, as well. Lightweight, easy to take down, and space-saving, this metal palace from PawHut finds multiple ways to bring you convenience as you cater to your pet.


  • - Reshape to adapt to your room and your living space
  • - Build around furniture or cater to oddly shaped areas
  • - Expand the open floor space around the playpen by using two tiers
  • - Includes ramp to provide fun and exercise when double stories are being used
  • - Lightweight and portable with separating panels that break down into a stack
  • - Instant set-up and easy take-down using a wooden mallet and cable ties
  • - Open and visible design allows you can interact with your animals from all sides
  • - Expandable when you add more panels for more space and a more versatile design
  • - This small animal cage comes with 24 wire panels, 2 side-open door panels, 5 resin panels and a ramp


  • - Color: Black
  • - Material: Steel, PP
  • - Overall Dimensions: (Recommended Shape): 41.25"L x 41.25"W x 27.5"H
  • - Single Panel Size: 13.75" L x 13.75" W
  • - Ramp Size: 16.5"L x 6.25"W
  • - Grid size: 1.5" L x 1.5" W
  • - Item Label: D51-255
  • - 24 x Wire Panels
  • - 2 x Side-Open Door Panels
  • - 5 x Resin Panels
  • - 1 x Ramp Panel
  • - 36 x Normal Connectors
  • - 2 x Door Buckles
  • - 1 x Wooden Hammer
  • - 1 x Set of Cable Ties
  • - 1 x Manual

PawHut 2-Tier Foldable Metal Small Animal Playpen Pet Fence with Reshaping Customizable Design, Large Guinea Pig Cage, Bunny Rabbit Cage, and Chinchilla Cage, C&C Cage and Metal Playpen with Mats

Regular price $56.91