Ice Barrel 300 Ice Bath


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Product Details


  • Upright Design for Full-body Ice Baths
  • Fully Insulated, Ultra-durable, and Built to Last
  • Lightweight, Compact, and Portable
  • Includes: (1) Ice Bath and (3) Ice Block Molds

Ice Barrel 300 with Ice Blocks

The Ice Barrel 300 is a sleek, fully insulated cold therapy tool. Compact and lightweight, the Ice Barrel 300 is simple to use whether you're using ice or a chiller.

Ice Barrel 300 measurements

The Ice Barrel 300 is designed for portability. It will fit through a standard 31-inch door or inside most SUVs, vans and trucks without sacrificing durability.

Ice Blocks

Comes with a 3-pack of Ice Blocks to make extra large ice blocks in your home freezer that will last significantly longer than regular cubed ice. Plus, they’re reusable and dishwasher safe.Man in 300 barrel in the foreground, woman in chair in background

The Ice Barrel 300 has a small seat inside, so you can comfortably maintain an upright position — the most natural position to fully immerse yourself and reap maximum benefits.

Man removing lid from Ice Barrel 300

Both the lid and body of the Ice Barrel 300 have polyurethane foam insulation (the same type of insulation used in high-end coolers) to help keep your water colder for longer, especially in warm weather. Polyethylene (LLDPE) is a non-toxic, BPA-free, medical-grade material. It’s non-porous, so it won’t absorb oils, toxins or other contaminants. Plus, it’s easy to keep clean.

Couple talking while woman smiling in Ice Barrel 300

The Ice Barrel 300 is made from recycled plastic material that’s extremely durable yet lightweight.

Couple talking while woman smiling in Ice Barrel 300


Dimensions - Height
30.5 in.
Dimensions - Width
35.5 in.
Dry Weight
61 lb.
UV Resistant
Water Resistant
Water Capacity
77 Gallon
Weight Capacity
700 lb.


Ice Barrel 300 Ice Bath

Regular price $1,176.46