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(1) 25.36 fl oz Shampoo. Helps to Relieves Hair Loss. Scalp Friendly Limit 5 Per Membership Product details have been supplied by...


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  • (1) 25.36 fl oz Shampoo
  • .
  • Helps to Relieves Hair Loss
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  • Scalp Friendly
  • Limit 5 Per Membership

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    Better Scalp, Looking Great!

    • Ranked No.1 bestseller in Allure K-Beauty, Anti-hair loss shampoo category (2020)
    • Ranked No.1 in Korea Satisfaction Consumer Index for 8 consecutive years (2014-2021)
    • Allure Korea Editor’s pick (2019)

    It's not the typical
    Hair Loss Shampoo
    you imagine

    Multi-purpose Anti Hair Loss Scalp Care Shampoo

    Worried about hair loss?
    Want shiny hair and a pleasant feel when washing your hair?

    If you are worried about thinning hair, hair loss, or dry and damaged hair, try changing to Korea’s best anti-hair loss shampoo that specializes in scalp health.

    Dr. FORHAIR Folligen Original Shampoo is not only for people who are already experiencing hair loss symptoms, but it also helps with the scalp to help alleviate hair loss symptoms before they start!

    Dr. FORHAIR Folligen Shampoo is clinically proven to be better performing than most average hair loss shampoos on the market.

    With abundant bubbles and a light fresh fragrance, feel the joy of shampooing your hair again and start your day with a healthier scalp.

    Leaves Hair Looking Thick, Healthy and Naturally Full

    Believe in the effects of anti-hair loss shampoo, Dr. FORHAIR Folligen Original Shampoo, packed with all the technology and expertise of global Dr.FORHAIR Scalp Lab centers located in New York and Seoul.

    “I used it due to my hair loss issue. This shampoo has been working great on me! I can see the differences in spots I have problems with, and I also clean less of hair getting stuck in the shower drain. I recommend this for anyone who has similar hair issues.”

    “This product helps my hair grow faster and healthier. After giving birth, I’ve been dealing with a lot of hair loss and dry scalp. I highly recommend this shampoo. This is the best product I’ve tried on my hair!”

    “I’ve been using this shampoo for 3 months now and this works quite well on my hair and scalp. This shampoo cleans your scalp and hair thoroughly. It smells amazing too! My hair feels smoother and healthier now.”

    Faster, Better Absorption by Using 1/2500 Nano Ingredients

    The size of the ingredient is more important than the ingredient itself.

    Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Shampoo contains Folligen Complexâ„¢ which is 2,500 times smaller than the pores of the scalp and is meant to increase absorption, reaching deeper into the scalp.

    It also has 3 key active ingredients ‘Biotin + Ceramide + Saw Palmetto Extract’, which are known for having special properties in making your scalp healthy and to improve hair thickness and volume.

    Folligen Complexâ„¢ is an exclusive formula that helps solve several scalp issues with complete cleansing. This shampoo has been clinically proven to reduce hair loss and therefore, the product is widely being used in various scalp care clinics around the world.*

    *Based on results of testing the improvement of scalp keratin, oil, elasticity, and volume of new hair roots after using the Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Shampoo.

    Strong Effects with Mild Ingredients. Scalp Friendly Formula for Everybody.

    Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Original Shampoo acquired an ’excellent rating’ for skin stability test by Dermatest, a global dermatological research institute based in Germany.

    Scalp-friendly formula only:
    • Sulfate-free Surfactant (No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & Sodium Laureth Sulfate)
    • Paraben-free
    • Silicone oil-free
    • Color safe
    • Safe for chemically treated hair
    • Weak acidity
    • Hypoallergenic and gentle without any irritation
    Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Original Shampoo is the best shampoo for dry scalp and hair loss. It contains not only the key ingredients of Folligen Complexâ„¢, but ingredients that help prevent and treat hair loss such as Zinc Pyrithione, Panthenol, and Salicylic Acid for optimum results.

    *Please refer to the ingredient list for details.

    TrichoScan: Patented Analysis of Hair Growth Completed

    ‘TrichoScan’ is a hair improvement analysis test created by Dermatest. It is regarded as one of the most renowned analysis companies based in Europe.

    The test measures the changes in the condition of the hair and the scalp within 12 weeks of shampoo usage, focusing mainly on the clinical and scientific benefits of the usage.

    The test results showed that the subject who used Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Original Shampoo and Tonic saw a positive effect on scalp and hair improvement.

    *P&K Skin Research Center Co., Ltd. / Aug. 22-25, 2018

    Clinically Proven for Hair Loss Relief

    Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Original Shampoo is a daily use shampoo for helping hair loss, thickening hair, and revitalizing scalp & hair strands. It's also used to restore shine for strong and manageable hair.

    Clinically proven to reduce sebum & dead skin cells while improving scalp strength:
    • Excess sebum ↓78.4%
    • Dead skin cells↓37.6%
    • Scalp rash ↓70.74%
    • Pore impurities ↓95.41%
    • Scalp elasticity ↑12.03%
    • Strand strengthening ↑33.78%
    *Test Purpose:
    Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Original Shampoo applied to the body to improve scalp keratin, oil, elasticity, and volume of new hair root.
    Testing Institute: P&K Skin Research Center Co., Ltd.
    Test Period: Aug 22nd, 2018 ~ Aug 2.5th, 2018.
    Number of testing subject: 21 people.

    Improved Odor
    caused by sebum

    Improved Oily Scalp
    caused by sebum

    Improved Forelock,
    Side Hair Volume

    Improved Cleanliness
    caused by harmful substance

    Excellent Cleansing Power with 99.9% Customer Satisfaction in Several Areas

    In the test (effectiveness evaluation survey), the overall customer satisfaction was 99.9%, indicating a high degree of satisfaction, and a positive result was confirmed for the feeling of using the product.*
    *P&K Skin Clinical Research Center (21 test subjects, survey)

    Help solve several scalp problems with complete cleansing!
    Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Original Shampoo helps minimize the appearance of thinning hair by strengthening and nourishing the scalp through perfect scalp pore & hair follicles cleansing.

    With Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Shampoo, your scalp will stay cleaner and healthier for a longer time.

    Korea’s No.1 Bestselling Shampoo from Olive Young to Allure K-BEAUTY

    Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Original Shampoo is Korea’s best-selling shampoo with cumulative sales of 18 million.
    *Cumulative sales of Folligen Shampoo series (from October 2014 to April 2021).

    Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Original Shampoo is ranked No.1 in the shampoo category of Korea’s largest health & beauty store Olive Young(2020, 2019), No.1 hair loss shampoo chosen by global magazine Allure K-Beauty(2020), No.1 in the shampoo category of CJ O Shopping (2020,2019), and No.1 in Korea Satisfaction Consumer index for 8 consecutive years(2014~2021).
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    Dr.ForHair Multi-purpose Anti Hair Loss Scalp Care Shampoo, 25.36 fl oz

    Regular price $41.58