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Made in America. High-Carbon for an Ultra-Sharp Edge. Stainless Steel for Superior Edge Retention and Lasting Beauty. Concave Grind to Help Food...


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  • Made in America
  • .
  • High-Carbon for an Ultra-Sharp Edge
  • .
  • Stainless Steel for Superior Edge Retention and Lasting Beauty
  • .
  • Concave Grind to Help Food Fall Away from Blade
  • .
  • Ergonomic Handles Designed for Comfort
  • A kitchen is at its best when equipped to handle the needs of its cook. This American-made 22-Piece set does just that. It features super-sharp American-made cooking knives that deliver clean cuts and make prep work fast and easy. The heavy-duty blades of the Super Shears cut through almost anything and come apart for easy cleaning. The Vegetable Peeler peels fruits and vegetables effortlessly and is also great for shaving hard cheese, making vegetable ribbons and creating chocolate shavings. Complete with 8 table knives, a sharpener, a storage block and small cutting board.

    • High-Carbon, stainless steel for sharpness and long-lasting beauty
    • Concave grind to help food fall away from blade
    • Full tang, triple rivet construction for strength, balance and comfort
    • Ergonomic handles designed for comfort, reduced fatigue and large or small hands
    • Some knives include Cutco’s exclusive Double-D® edge designed with 3 individual cutting surfaces recessed for smooth, clean cuts
    • Come apart Shears for easy cleaning
    • Dual-Sided vegetable peeler blade allows for peeling forward and backward

    • 8-Table Knives
    • 1-7” Santoku Knife
    • 1-Trimmer
    • 1-Santoku-Style Trimmer
    • 1-8” Santoku-Style Carver
    • 1-Traditional Cheese Knife
    • 1-10” Santoku-Style Slicer
    • 1-Turning Fork
    • 1-Gourmet Prep Knife
    • 1-3” Gourmet Paring Knife
    • 1-Sharpener
    • 1-Small Cutting Board
    • 1-Super Shears
    • 1-Vegetable Peeler
    • 1-18 Slot Block w/ Shears Slot (Cherry Finish)

    • 8-Table Knives (L, 8-3/8" x W, 5/8” x H, 5/8”)
    • 1-7” Santoku Knife (L, 12-3/4” x W, 7/8” x H, 2”)
    • 1-Trimmer (L, 10” x W, 3/4” x H, 3/4”)
    • 1-Santoku-Style Trimmer (L, 10” x W, 3/4” x H, 7/8”)
    • 1-8” Santoku-Style Carver (L, 13-3/4” x W, 7/8” x H, 1”)
    • 1-Traditional Cheese Knife (L, 10-1/2” x W, 3/4” x H, 1-1/2”)
    • 1-10” Santoku-Style Slicer (L, 15-3/8” x W, 7/8” x H, 1”)
    • 1-Turning Fork (L, 11” x W, 1” x H, 3/4”)
    • 1-Gourmet Prep Knife (L, 12” x W, 7/8” x H, 1-3/4”)
    • 1-3” Gourmet Paring Knife (L, 8-1/8” x W, 5/8” x H, 3/4”)
    • 1-Sharpener (L, 6-7/8” x W, 1” x H, 3”)
    • 1-Small Cutting Board (L, 12” x W, 8” x H, 7/8”)
    • 1-Super Shears (L, 8-3/8” x W, 5/8” x H, 3-3/8”)
    • 1-Vegetable Peeler (L, 7-1/8” x W, 1-1/8” x H, 1”)
    • 1-18 Slot Block w/ Shears Slot (L, 5-3/8” x W, 10-3/4” x H, 8-1/4”)

    General care:
    • Although Cutco Cutlery is dishwasher safe, we recommend you carefully hand-wash your products in hot water, using mild dishwashing liquid. Dry them after washing. Allowing items to soak in dishwater may cause staining from the mineral content in some water.
    • To keep your knives sharp, do not cut on porcelain, glass or metal surfaces. We recommend polypropylene cutting boards.
    • Store your knives in woodblocks, trays or sheaths to protect their edge.

    For more tips, visit the product care section of or contact Cutco Customer Service @ 1-800-756-8621

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    Cutco 22-piece Kitchen Set

    Regular price $2,015.99